Perhaps the most important documentary television series ever produced!

The Urantia Files: Fact or Fiction?

The Urantia Files: Fact or Fiction?

What are the Urantia Files? At the beginning of the 20th century, scores of celestial beings, purportedly delivered what they claimed was their 5th-ever "Epochal Revelation" to us "Urantians." They said that their message will benefit us by way of the knowledge that we will gain from the revelation. And they contend that their revelation is nothing less than...the entire history of the cosmos.

Could any of this...possibly be true? We intend to find out. Do you? If your answer is yes, click the "Watch Episodes" button above or learn more by simply clicking the button below.

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The Last Messenger Trilogy: Apocalypse ~ Armageddon ~ Awakenings

The Last Messenger Trilogy

Three Feature-Length Films

Where one man's determination will unite the world! His name is, Jonathan Knight. His mission is to prepare humanity for its next evolutionary shift. His boss is...God. And he is The Last Messenger.

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The Last Messenger TV Series

The Television Series

When, Jonathan Knight, begins his mission to prepare humanity for the next shift, he has no idea how to proceed. But with the help of an entire corps of Archangels, he cannot possibly fail. Or can he?

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